Best wireless charger for iPhone

In 2017, Apple added the long-awaited support for Qi fast and wireless charging to its smartphones, but an overlay came with accessories. If in 2019 they even started putting a fast power supply in the kit with the iPhone 11 Pro, then the Apple company has not yet released a proprietary platform for induction charging. Therefore, iPhone owners have to be content with third-party products.

The power of wireless charging in the iPhone varies between 5-15 W and depends on the model of the smartphone and the manufacturer of the accessory. Only a few sites from the Belkin and Mophie brands, presented in the official store, have the MFI (Made for iPhone) certificate. Full power develops only with them, with other models it is limited to 5-10 watts, which is a software limitation of iOS 13.

The presence of a limitation does not mean that it is worth taking only such chargers. Other charges fill the battery up to 100% a little slower, are not inferior in quality, but they cost much less. The top best wireless chargers for iPhones in early 2020 are listed below.

ZMI WTX10 – stylish and compact

ZMI WTX10 - stylish and compact

The ZMI WTX10 is a good budget wireless charger for iPhone with a stylish metal case and a glossy glass front surface, and the thickness of the device is only 7 mm. With a diameter of about 9 cm, the device turned out to be compact, but at the same time, the metal case copes well with heat dissipation.

When charging Apple smartphones, the power will most likely be limited to 5 watts. But if you charge the products of other companies, with a more powerful coil and without software restrictions, then you can get 10 W with fast charge technology. ZMI WTX10 has protection against overloads and ingress of foreign objects, so nothing will happen, even if you put some piece of iron on top.

Mi Wireless Charging Pad – the most affordable

Mi Wireless Charging Pad - the most affordable

Yes, one of the best wireless chargers for iPhone is made by Xiaomi. Despite the skepticism of some Apple technology users towards Chinese brands, Mi products stand out for their excellent value for money. There have never been any complaints about Xiaomi chargers and cables, and the Mi Wireless Charging Pad is no exception.

To connect to the network, this site uses a Type C cable, which Apple has also recognized as a standard. Since the device does not have MFI certification, then for sure in new devices the power will be limited to 5 watts (instead of the supported 10), but for the iPhone X or XR this is not critical. And the Mi Wireless Charging Pad costs just over 1,000 rubles.

ANKER PowerWave 7.5 – good charging stand

ANKER PowerWave 7.5 is a good wireless charger for iPhone from a manufacturer included in the “Apple approved” list, so the maximum power transfer power reaches 7.5W, and with other devices it is up to 10W. The set comes with a power supply unit and a cable, so you don’t have to think about how to connect it. This is important, considering that the old microUSB is used for the connection.

A distinctive feature of ANKER PowerWave 7.5 is the presence of an active cooling system. It removes heat, which has a positive effect on the health of the device itself and the smartphone being charged. Especially nice is the presence of a cooler, taking into account the shape of the platform. Since the phone is installed at an angle in it, it can also be used while recharging. Forced heat removal in such a scenario will obviously not be superfluous.

Skyway Race-X is the best car

Skyway Race-X is a wireless car charger for iPhone equipped with automation. Fixation of the smartphone in it is carried out using an infrared proximity sensor, which registers the placement of the phone on the site. Clamping occurs automatically, and to remove the iPhone, you need to press the button on the side. Such a scheme does not look as futuristic as triggering by a hand proximity sensor, but it provides a higher level of protection against accidental triggering.

Power is supplied via the USB Type C connector, for this you can use any compatible power supply for the cigarette lighter and USB cable. Fastening is carried out using a clamp on the air duct grilles. Separately, the manufacturer offers a suction cup for fixing on the windshield or glossy torpedo panel.

Mophie Wireless 4117 – simple and reliable

The Mophie Wireless 4117 is an Apple certified wireless charger for iPhone that delivers up to 7.5W of charging power. It is made in a round case with an anti-slip plastic coating that prevents the smartphone from slipping. It is a simple and reliable solution for home use.

The Belkin Boost Up is supplied with a power supply with a circular cable. This option may not seem the most convenient, but the manufacturer guarantees that with the complete power supply unit the device fully complies with the declared parameters.

Belkin Boost Up – Certified Option

Belkin Boost Up is another good wireless charger for iPhone from the list of officially approved ones. It is designed as a universal stand that allows you to position the phone vertically and horizontally. Thus, it can be used during the charging process, which is convenient

The Belkin Boost Up is not software limited, so it goes up to 7.5W. The disadvantages of the device include the use of a MicroUSB cable and not the lowest price. On the Apple website, this device is sold for 4.5 thousand, in other stores it can be found a little cheaper.

Bixton QiPad – triple and interesting

Bixton QiPad is a triple platform for those who use an apple smartphone, watch and wireless Qi headphones at the same time. This is the best wireless charger for iPhone and Apple Watch, allowing you to charge them together. For this, two inductors are placed in the housing, externally marked with circles. Its maximum power reaches 10 watts.

The design of the Bixton QiPad looks curious. Firstly, there are two standard platforms on the case for any devices that support the Qi standard. You can put, for example, iPhone 11 and AirPods there at the same time. You can also see a through hole with a silver frame, into which the complete Apple Watch charger is inserted. At the bottom there is a cover, under which there is a place for hidden laying of the watch cable, so everything looks harmonious when assembled.