Best wireless portable charger for iphone 12 pro

Let’s take a look at the iPhone 12 Pro, which supports 20W fast charging. If its buyer previously owned an iPhone 11 Pro, then there will be no problems – the power adapter of the previous “iPhone” produces 18 watts of power, which on average will increase the charging time by only ten minutes.

The situation is worse if the user had an earlier model before buying the iPhone 12 Pro. Until 2019, all the chargers included in the kit had a power of only 5 W, which means that you can forget about the advantages of fast charging of the twelfth model. Instead of an hour with a little full filling of the battery scale, you will have to wait about three or even more hours.

But that’s not the point. Our realities are such that seldom someone, buying a new model of an Apple smartphone, leaves the old one in reserve. Usually they part with the past “iPhone”, selling it on the secondary market or passing it on “inherited” to relatives. In this case, the charger is of course also transferred to the new owner. The only exceptions are cases when the previous smartphone was stolen, lost or damaged to the point of non-repairability. In this case, “charging” remains and can serve as a new “apple” device.

All smartphones in the iPhone 12 family support 20W charging power. This is the most powerful charger in the history of “iPhones”, and when using it, Apple promises to replenish the energy reserve up to 50% in just 30 minutes of plugging into an outlet. A full charge will take about an hour and twenty minutes. The reliability, safety and compatibility of the original accessory are guaranteed, but the price is also guaranteed in the region of $ 30.

There are also 12- and 5-watt branded power supplies on sale, which may cost a little less. But on the end that connects to the charger, they are equipped with a USB Type-A port, whereas all iPhone 12s require USB Type-C. The opposite end of the cable, of course, must have a Lightning plug, and if there is no one on the farm, you will have to spend additional money to buy the appropriate wire. Given the reduced charging speed, this acquisition is not profitable. For example, from 0% to 100%, a 12W unit will charge an iPhone 12 in about two hours.

You can buy a third-party power adapter for cheaper than the original Apple charger. However, when buying, you need to pay attention to the presence of MFi certification. It guarantees that the accessory will function properly and fully with the iOS device. If the charger did not receive such a certificate, then after purchasing it, it may turn out that it does not work with the iPhone 12.

If you choose the right power supply with MFi certification, you can get additional functionality. For example, in addition to a USB Type-C port, it may have a regular USB connector that will allow you to charge other gadgets.

Best wireless portable charger for iphone 12 pro

Perhaps one of the real reasons why Apple removed the wired charger from the iPhone 12 family of smartphones was its intention to promote a new type of MagSafe wireless charging.

MagSafe in iPhone 12 is a modified version of the power adapter method that Apple used in MacBooks between 2006 and 2016. The essence of the technology was that the power cable was not inserted into the connector, but magnetised to the contacts. If the cable was accidentally touched, it simply disconnected instead of dragging the expensive laptop with it to the floor.

The iPhone 12 and MagSafe chargers also use magnets, but they serve something else. Their task is to ensure the most accurate positioning of the wireless charger and iPhone coils. The user just needs to bring the round MagSafe “charging” plate to the back of the smartphone, and it will magnetize in the right place to ensure the most efficient energy transfer. Maximum wireless charging power when using MagSafe accessories is 15W.

Which power bank is best for iphone 12 pro

Along with MagSafe, iPhone 12 can be charged with regular Qi-compatible wireless chargers. True, regardless of the declared maximum power output of the Qi docking station, the iPhone 12 will be able to receive no more than 7.5 watts from it.

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How to properly charge iPhone 12

Having bought an expensive flagship smartphone, which includes the iPhone 12, the user wants to keep its functionality as long as possible. This primarily concerns the battery, which may wear out over time and require more frequent recharging.

The old myth that it is better to charge the battery to zero and charge up to 100% has long been debunked. For modern smartphones, it is considered optimal to keep the charge level between 20 and 80 percent. But if the user had to remove the device from charging at 50%, or he forgot to disconnect the charger after the 100% mark for the night, nothing bad will happen. The battery life is now such that it is unlikely to be significantly depleted before the rest of the “hardware” of the device becomes obsolete.