Best wireless power bank for iphone

Power Bank with wireless charging specifically for iPhone? In fact, there are universal external batteries on sale that charge both Android and iOS smartphones equally well. And some of these devices are capable of charging other equipment, such as tablets or laptops. In this review, we have collected the most interesting devices that, in our opinion, are perfect for iPhone owners.

Any, even the newest, iPhone is designed for a limited number of hours of operation in various modes. It’s good when you have a mains charger and a 220 volt power grid at hand. In the field, only an external battery can help. Let’s try to figure out how to choose it for different iPhone models and how to use it correctly.

The external battery for the phone is usually called in the “Western” manner Power Bank. Usually it looks like a plastic or metal box-case, inside which there are several lithium-ion batteries connected in series. Experienced users know firsthand how important it is when choosing such a device to build on the parameters of the battery built into the iPhone.

The main criterion by which products of different brands differ is the capacity of the external battery. To measure it, the physical quantity milliampere-hours is used. The higher this value is, the more energy the drive can store. For a regular iPhone 6 or similar model, a 5000 mAh power bank will be sufficient. For more impressive and powerful gadgets like a tablet, this value is definitely not enough.

Stylish and relatively small Power Bank with wireless charging from Baseus with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. That’s enough to charge your iPhone X or Xs a couple of times. Of the features of the Mini S Bracket 10W Wireless Charger, one can single out the presence of a small screen on which the charge is displayed as a percentage, a carrying strap, as well as three connectors at once: microUSB, USB Type-A and USB Type-C. Support for fast as well as wireless charging is declared! We managed to find data that the Mini S Bracket 10W Wireless Charger allows you to wirelessly charge the iPhone (those that have wireless charging support), but we cannot vouch for the words.

Best wireless power bank for iphone for every day

In general, most Xiaomi Power Banks with wireless charging have a metal case, but some of the latest models have a plastic case. Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20,000 is one of those. However, this is a very high quality device, including finishing materials and workmanship. The capacity is high – 20,000 mAh, which means it should be enough for 5-6 full charges of iPhone X or iPhone 11, which will allow you to use it every day. The device has support for fast charging, and this applies to almost all iPhones, including 8, X, Xs, 11, etc. Simultaneous charging of two devices is also declared. There are three connectors: two USB Type-A and one USB Type-C. The device is quite large, but it is practically not felt in a backpack.

Which power bank is best for iphone

Small, best and last but not least, inexpensive 5000mAh Power Bank for iPhone. Is this a lot? Enough to charge iPhone X 1-1.5 times. Someone will say that this is very little, but in fact, in most cases, it is enough. It is worth noting the unusual design of the device body, the presence of a flashlight, a large number of colors. The case is compact, and therefore the Power Bank can be carried even in your pocket. Of course, there is a charge indicator. There is no support for fast charging, there are two connectors: microUSB and USB Type-A.

Best wireless portable charger for iphone

Compact portable charger with 5000mAh capacity. It features a small body thickness and is easy to carry even in your pocket. It’s also funny that for this version there are very cute cases – purchased separately. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 is as simple and cheap as possible, although it received a metal case. There are only two connectors: microUSB and USB Type-A. The device is inexpensive, but beware of counterfeits – there are many on the market.

Best wireless power bank for iphone

Best power bank wireless charger for iphone

One of the most popular and best Power Bank for iphone on the market. What caused the popularity? Here are just a few components: excellent build quality and materials, metal body, relatively small dimensions, sufficient capacity (10,000 mAh), low cost. There is a downside – there are fakes. Mi Power Bank 2S (2i) received three connectors: two USB Type-A and microUSB. Supports charging two devices at the same time as well as fast charging, including Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. At the time of this writing, it is offered in two color options: silver and black. There is a charge level indicator.

Portable wireless power bank for iphone

Baseus S10? portable wireless power supply for iPhone, has not only a cool case design, but also the presence of wireless charging. It was not possible to find out whether the iPhone can be charged wirelessly. But the presence of support for USB Power Delivery allows us to conclude that Baseus S10 supports fast charging for iPhone smartphones. Other unusual features include the presence of a retractable stand on which you can install a smartphone while you, for example, watch a video on it. There are three connectors here: USB Type-A, USB Type-C and microUSB. The possibility of simultaneous charging of two devices is declared.